He sure is a fancy pizza

C. Your site told me to order some pizzas but it wasn't enough pizza.

A. Oh, sorry :(

C. I used your pizzadvice but ended up with too many pizza.

A. This is neither actually a question or actually a problem.

C. How does the pizza math work? It is like magic, wow

A. This is trade secret. If you like it maybe you invest in our company.

C. I have figured out your secret pizzalgorithm and intend to blackmail you for profit.

A. Impossible. Our webzone uses a procedurally generated SSD key with heavily encrypted RAM and HAM. Do your worst, Steve from Baltimore, Maryland

C. I put a negative number of people in the pizza math and it still says I need a small pizza. I have too few people for that pizza.

A. You always need a pizza no matter how few you have.

C. How do I turn the music off?

A. No don't

He is proud of his piza